Man With COPD Healed!

As I wrote yesterday in the note «Jesus to the steets», me and my husband finally decided to go to the streets and share the gospel of Christ and pray for the sick. And so we did…

The first man we talked to was a christian man. He had a disease called COPD (KOLS – på norsk), which is a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease that makes it heavy to breath. We asked if we could pray for him, and he said yes. After praying, we asked if he could feel any difference. And he DID! Since he wasn´t completely healed, we asked him if we could pray for him once more. He said yes, and so we did.

It all ended with Jesus getting to touch this man with a complete healing from COPD! He is just an AWESOME GOD!!! Thank you Lord!!

«As you go, spread this message: «The kingdom of heaven is near. Cure the sick, bring the dead back to life, cleanse those with skin diseases, and force demons out of people.»» Matt.10, 7-8

Hva er KOLS?
«Kronisk obstruktiv lungesykdom eller kronisk obstruktiv lungesjukdom, ofte forkortet til KOLS, er en samlediagnose for en rekke nært beslektede sykdommer med kronisk og mer eller mindre irreversibel nedsettelse av lungefunksjonen.» (wikipedia)

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  1. I have copd too. Can God heal me? Will you pray and ask God to heal me too…copd is fatal and Im only 52 yrs. old and have a family….How do I pray for a healing

  2. Dear Dale,

    God loves you! He loves you so much, Dale! And it is His will to heal you. Jesus went about doing good, healing ALL those oppressed by the devil! He will heal you! Have you received Jesus as your Saviour and Lord in your life? If not you must ask Him to forgive you of all sin and come into your life. Follow Him because He has a perfect plan for you. It is not too late to give your whole life to Him. No matter what life has brought you so far and no matter what you have done, Jesus, the Son of God loves you!

    If you have done anything to cause COPD yourself you also need to forgive yourself for doing that to your body. Just ask God to forgive you and He will!
    «If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us [our] sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.» 1. John 1:9

    I don´t know you Dale. But that you write here and ask if God can heal you tells me that you have enough faith. Your faith is sufficient. His love is enough for you! And Jesus only did what He saw the Father do, so when He healed every sick person who came to Him, He did the will of His Father. God can and wants to heal you!

    My wife, a friend of us and myself just prayed for you and I really believe that God will heal you of COPD, my brother. Please let us know how you feel.

    Pray this with us:
    «This healing belongs to me, because of what Jesus did for me on the cross. I receive my healing now, in the name of Jesus Christ!»

    Bless you Dale!


  3. Hi everyone. I am so scared that I may have COPD. I dont have health insurance so I cannot afford a doctor. My breathing gets tough at times. I know God can heal me, but when I ask, nothing. What could be holding back my healing?

  4. Greetings in Jesus,
    Yesterday I was diagnosed with COPD. I was thinking and praying about that today and the power of Jesus to heal, so I put God COPD in Google. The first page there was yours and I read it believing that I will be healed of this as the man you prayed for was.
    I am a missionary and have been asked to begin a new major project, so I really believe I will be healed. When He Calls he gives the Way.
    Would deeply appreciate you prayers for this healing, and I promise to pray daily for your ministy.
    Blessings, Ken

  5. Thank you for writing here Chris and Ken! We sure appreciate that you come on here and leave your prayer requests! It´s really touching to see your faith and we have prayed for you. I pray for you many times a day since you left your comments here.

    Thank you for all your prayers Ken! We sure need the favor of God on our lives to be able to walk in His power. I´m believing for your healing! I know that God wants to pour out His blessings over your life and your ministry. He is the healer, Jehovah Rapha!

    «But you are a shield around me, O Lord; you bestow glory on me and lift up my head.» (Psalm 3:3)

    God bless you all! You´re in our prayers. I love you and long for a testimony of your healings.

    In Jesus,

  6. I read the article regarding the man heale d from copd my mother julia garcia has copd and I was wanting to ask if you could please say a prayer to jesus to heal her completly of copd we tried everything and nothing seems to be working. So I would appreciate if you could do this for her.

    Thank You and God bless

  7. i also have copd please pray for me that he
    my cure me… I trust and believe that all thing are possible

  8. We pray that God´s healing power will touch you right this moment, Saundra and Julia. We command copd to leave your bodies and ask for total and complete healing in your lungs and respiratory system, in the name of Jesus Christ.

    God loves you and sees you. We pray that He will surround you with His favor as a shield. Be blessed!

  9. My mother is a 64 year old christian woman with copd. She has four children and 12 grandchildren. I am her youngest child. My mother was put on life support yesterday with a grim prognosis. my siblings and I have prayed and done all that we know to do. Please help. We know that God can heal her we just don’t know what to do next.
    Thank you for any help,

  10. I was inspired by the previous entries and ask that you pray for my 71 year old father who has COPD.
    He has suffered with this disease for years and its now affecting him more than ever. He has been in the hospital now for over a week and is in poor condition.
    I truly believe in the power of prayer and ask for your help.

    Thank you,

  11. I to was inspired about the previous entries and asking rather selfisley if you would please pray for me so I to could be cured from my copd that I have now had for 5+ years,I am a 49 year old woman that has been married for 30 years and we raised 2 children that grew to be lovely women and 1 has given us 2 beautful grandchildren that I would love to see grow up to young men.I take 3 different inhalers as well as other over the counter meds so I could stay on top of my copd I WANT TO LIVE…I do truly believe in prayer

    Please pray for me and others like me that suffer with copd daily

    Thank you

  12. I rebuke COPD in the name of Jesus Christ and I command you to leave their bodies NOW! I declare that COPD is not stronger than the name of Jesus Christ, the living Son of God.

    Be healed! God loves you more than you can ever imagine. You are His precious sons and daughters! Amen

    I love you,
    Be blessed!

  13. I wanted to update eveyone and Thank You all for the prayers. I am the one who wrote the January 7th post about my 64 year old mother with copd. The dr’s had painted the worst possible senario and informed us that she would not come off of the ventilator. I posted on 1/07/09 and then on 1/11/09 my three siblings and I went in and prayed knowing that God would heal her. We were very faithful in our prayers and after a feeding tube and a trach were put in she is now off of the vent, the trach has come out and the feeding tube is about to be removed!!! My mother will spend a little time in a rehab facility regaining her strength and then she will go home! God is so good and I will pray for all of you knowing that he has the power to heal even the worst circumstances.
    Thanking God,

  14. Thank you so much for updating us, Ashley! It is really awesome to know that God heals people, and I bet it is encouraging for all of the people who had faith to write their prayer requests here.

    We thank you, Lord of hosts. You are truly awesome! We fear Your name and rejoice in Your great and endless love for us. Thank You ever so much for Your healing power and Your will to heal us today. Draw us near to You, Lord. I pray that You will release Your fire upon everyone who has written here and on all those who come in a read this post. Thank You Jesus Christ. I love You. Let it happen.

    Oh, I really love to feel His presence. Don´t ever let go of Him. I bless all of you with peace. Amen.

  15. Yes, we command COPD to leave you body and your family right now in Jesus name!! Be healed! We speak healing to your body and full restoration to both your lungs, in the name of Jesus Christ from Nazareth! Amen. Amen.

  16. God be with you all! Do any of you have a testimony of God´s healing for you? It would be great if you shared it here, that would bless us all.

    Thank you so much. Have faith in Jesus. He will do it!

  17. My father, Norberto Canlapan, has COPD. I believe that he will be healed by God, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Please pray for him and for our family. I assure you I will let you know of the good news.

  18. Lord, thank You so much for Norberto and his family. I thank You that You already payed for his healing, Jesus. You took it all on You. Thank you! In Jesus´ name we take authority over COPD in Norberto´s body, and we command sickness to leave now. Be healed in the name of Jesus. I ask that You will bring complete restoration to Norberto and his family, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Draw them close, Lord. Amen.

  19. Lord, thank you for Chris and for his faith! I take authority over COPD in Chris´ body in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. I command every COPD infected cell to be healed now. I command the respiratory system with to be restored to initial purpose and intent. Holy Spirit, I ask you to blow into Chris´ mouth and let him breath with ease.

    In the name of Jesus I bless you, Chris! The Lord bless you and keep you, and the Lord let His face shine upon you and give you peace. Be healed now in Jesus name!

    With much love,

  20. My grandmother has a copd and she does have a strong faith. bu she think she has this disease because she is old…86 yearsold.
    I do believe that everything is possible with God. I do believe that she will be heal. But at her age she has so many ailment and sickness that the physicians had diagnosed her and despite all of these. I still do believe that whatever God’s will.

    Good God is willing.


  21. Here is the report from my chest x-ray today.


    There is mild to moderate COPD with thickened bronchovascular markings and hyperinflated lungs.

    I am 24 yrs old, don’t smoke, drink…
    I know that I have sinned (in thoughts) against God many times. It’s righteous for Him to take my life. How…ever, I am the only son and afraid that no one would take care of my parents if I died. More so, after received the report, I understand the phrase: «every day is a gift, and that is why we call it present» so deeply. I value my life so much, above all, caring for my parents. So I prayed to God asking for another chance in life. My parents don’t know about this yet. I have been searching and finally found this site. I don’t know what more to say here…

  22. please pray for me to heal my copd think you; i was a smoker i quit 4 years ago. i smoked over 40 years. i belive in god. but im not a christian,i still wish you would pray for me. thank you frankie

  23. Dear friends,

    I don´t know you and you don´t know me yet, but you have all written a comment here. I have not spent much time on the blog the last half year or so, only a few short posts, but now I was reminded to go through it again and update it. While doing so I came across your comments and prayer requests and I really want you to know that I have prayed for you before and I do it again now. I pray that you will all be healed totally in body, soul and spirit. I command COPD to leave your bodies right now, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God! To Him all sickness and disease must bow and leave your bodies. I pray that you will be covered by the blood of Jesus. When He died for you on Calvary He payed for all your sin and took all your sickness and disease on Him and took them away from me, you and your loved ones.

    Be healed in Jesus´ name!

    Thank you for writing on our blog and I know that you have enough faith to be healed. It´s not something you have to work up. Healing is free and it´s is given us from God by grace. Just say «thank you Jesus. This healing belongs to me because of what Jesus did on the cross. I receive my healing now. In Jesus´ name. Amen (let it be).»

    God loves you with an everlasting love! Please let me know what happens to you.

    The LORD bless you and keep you;
    The LORD make His face shine upon you,
    And be gracious to you;
    The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
    And give you peace.

    In Love,

  24. Good afternoon! My mom was just diagnosed with COPD she has allot of other health problems as well. My mom is my rock. She has encouraged me so much. I’m in seminary, just finished my Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies. I begin my Doctorate in Christian Counseling next year.. it’s been because of my mom I have kept going. I’m 24 years old and I take care of her and the household duties. I would deeply appreciate it if u would join with me and pray for her to be cured. Her name is Lisa Alred we are in North Alabama. Thanks so much for your encouraging wesbite!


  25. Thank you Lord for your never ending mercy and capacity to love us. I ask now that you heal Lisa Alred from COPD. I ask that you cleanse her body from all sickness and disease. I know this is your will, Lord. Thank you Jesus for your blood. Cover Lisa with your presence now Lord, and I ask that you bless Lisa and Nathan with favor and peace. Thank you for the strength that you have put in Nathan and thank you for the love that is between him and his mother. I your name Jesus Christ I declare complete restoration of Lisa´s health. Amen

  26. I was recently diagnosed with copd. I am 50 years old. I am a christian and I love and believe that Jesus Christ took all of my sicknesses and diseases on himself at the cross and that as redeemed children of God that we were healed over two thousand years ago by grace through faith. please pray, and stand with me in faith that I am already healed. sometimes the liar, the enemy seeks to lie to me and tell me I will die. I know he has no power to hurt me and all he can do is lie to me. Pray to rebuke him off of me and that I do not believe his lies. God sits before us life or death I choose life. Thank you so much for your prayers and standing in faith with me. I will pray and stand in faith with you and all who request prayer on this website. everyone remember that words are powerful. So do not speak death or defeat over yourself. Speak life and healing over yourself instead. Jesus said what ever a man believes in his heart he is. I believe in my heart I am healed and so are all of you.
    In Christ,

  27. Thank you for all you do in Christ. There is so much I could say. Quote so many scriptures. But, mostly I just want to say That, I am a christian and that I believe that Jesus took up all my sins, sicknesses, diseases and infirmities on himself and the cross. And that then and their by his stripes we were healed. I am 50 and was recently diagnosed with copd.That may be a fact. But according to God it is not the truth and I try to walk by faith and not by sight. As I believe I was already healed over two thousand years ago. I ask that you stand in faith with me and believe that I am healed by grace through faith. I will stand and believe for all of these others who have contacted you asking for healing. Also the liar does come to me with his lies about me dieing from this and I pray you rebuke him off of me so and that all I hear and believe are God’s truths that I am healed by grace through faith. When Jesus ask the man if he believed and the man said yes. Lord help me with my unbelief. So I ask for myself and all who struggle with faith when the liar comes or we fear. Lord help us with our unbelief. He will. I believe it is always God’s will for us to be well. And, he has not put any sickness on us. I have alot of reasons for believing these truths. It is up to us to receive the manifestation of this by our faith in his grace. I stand with all of you believing that we already have our healing and pray that we all resist the enemies lies and he will flee.Remember to that Faith works by love and perfect love drives out fear. God is love and his perfect love is why he took our sins and illnesses upon himself and they were nailed to the cross with him.
    In Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior
    In Christ,

  28. Hi, I was just wondering. Isn´t God that in the first place gave those people COPD? Really don´t understand how you can believe that praying can cure anything! Allthoug, I do believe in the psychological aspects of hope and faith in that medicine can help, and i do believe that people need someone/thing to reach out to when they´re out of means, or don´t feel enough control of their environment.

    1. Hi :)
      I believe Jesus when he said that he only did what He saw his father do (John 5:19), and only said what He heard his father say. He took orders from the headquarter. In Acts 10:38 it says that «He (Jesus) went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for god was with Him.» So if Jesus healed people it was because He saw God the Father do it and heard Him tell Jesus to do it. It would be weird if God the Father gave people COPD and then told His Son to heal them. Jesus himself said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.
      God is the Healer. Jesus told us in Mark 16:18 that believers will «lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.» I´ve seen many people healed from many different illnesses and pains. God is good – all the time! Be blessed. I pray that the Holy Spirit will show you who Jesus is. That He is the same today as He was 2000 years ago. Love, Krister

  29. Praise the lord my mom has been healed of COPD end stage. She still has it but is not near death.

    1. That is wonderful to hear, Stephanie!! God is good! We pray that she will be completely healed of COPD and that God will get all the glory for it. We declare restored health and freedom from sickness. COPD, leave her body, in Jesus´name! Amen. Let your mom know that God completes what He starts. He will see it through. How did the healing from the end stage take place, Stephanie? Has she had it for a long time?
      Blessings from Krister and Sanna

  30. Please pray for God to heal me of copd and lung disease. I have been getting worse and my lungs feel tight.

  31. Please pray for God to heal me of copd and also other illness and disease. MY lungs have been getting worse and I am very scared and heart broken. I asked God to save my soul years ago, but I do not beleive that I should die such a terrible death. Please pray for God to heal me in Jesus name. Thank you.

  32. GREAT REPORT!!! Please pray for my mother Sarah Settles who has COPD and never smoked! Please keep her in your prayers. She is 87 and needs a MIRACLE and with God NOTHING shall be impossible. She is not ready to go home to be with The Lord Eternally just yet. Thanks!

  33. Please pray for my father. He has COPD too. He really needs to know that God can heal him and that God really loves him. He just had surgery in his sinuses and the doctors are concerned that he is not healing. I know God wants to reveal himself in a powerful way to my father. Please join me in prayer. I have been so inspired by this site. God Bless.

  34. i have copd they say there is no cure i know all things are possible with the lord i stand on his holy words. james 5 :15 please pray for my healing may the lord bless you all.

  35. Normally I wouldn’t have taken this kinda thing seriously but it REALLY actually happened, doctors have said my COPD is GONE and my lungs are HEALTHY.

    I have come to and prayed in Jesus’ name that my lungs be healed of COPD, and I just got word that it’s really actually not there anymore, people…. This Jesus stuff is the real deal, I’ve been on the atheistic and pretty much Nihilistic side of belief, hoped there was no God or afterlife, spent countless hours in the past trying to see if I can find proof out there that spirituality was fake, but my COPD is cured and I have accepted Jesus Christ. I’m on God’s side now no matter what.
    Praise Jesus that I have not committed any unforgiveable sins as I have previously expected. God has really actually healed not only my lungs but my faith. I have enough proof now that he has risen from the grave and prevents me from an early death. God bless all of you Christians and I appologize for ever doubting your faith in the past. God is the real deal, worship Jesus and thank God for his saving grace through which all men and women can be saved from death and Hell alike. I will NEVER doubt again!

  36. I have bronchiectasis which is a COPD illness and I have also GERD and epilepsy, with poor sleep and anxiety ruining my life. I am a believer but a sinner. I pray so much for many things but I think my lifestyle is getting in my way. I want so much for my lung diseases and other chronic sicknesses to be taken away for good so that I can get out to work and lead a normal life again. I am 53 and alone. Please pray for me.

  37. I just found out I likely have COPD or perhaps some other kind of lung disease. I am too young for this. I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior and am turning my life around in the right direction. I have confessed and repented all my sins. Please pray for me to be healed. I do believe Jesus heals today just like he did 2,000 years ago. Thank you for your prayers and for this website.

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